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We can assist you with every facet of dealing with real property including:

  • Conveyancing including sale and purchases of residential through to major commercial and industrial property

  • Preparation of Contracts, Form 1

  • Due diligence investigations prior to acquisitions of real property

  • Family Transfers

  • Option Agreements

  • Leasing of commercial, industrial and retail premises (preparation, review and negotiation of all documentation)

  • Tenancy Law Advice and disputes (residential, commercial and industrial)

  • Planning, development & zoning matters

  • Land divisions of all types (Strata Titles, Community Titles and Torrens Titles)

  • Drafting Caveats

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation

  • Building and Construction advice and disputes

  • Encroachment issues

  • Boundary re-alignments

  • Encumbrance creation and advice

Wooden Home Framing
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