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All too often, people avoid facing the inevitability of their mortality. Estate planning advice ensures that the assets clients have worked hard to accumulate throughout their lives will be left to those they choose, and not necessarily in accordance with what the law dictates.

People also often overlook the possibility of suffering a condition that prevents them from expressing their own wishes while they are still alive. A ‘Power of Attorney’ will allow someone you trust to make decisions for you that are in your best interests where your assets and finances are concerned. An ‘Advanced Care Directive’ provides your attorney and your Doctors with instructions as to how you wish to be cared for if you can’t make your own decisions.

We can assist you with:

  • The preparation of Wills, both simple and complex including the use of testamentary trusts.

  • The formation of Trusts including family and charitable trusts

  • The preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • The preparation of Enduring Powers of Guardianship

  • The preparation of Advanced Care Directives (previously known as ‘Medical Powers of Attorney’)

  • The preparation of Loan Agreements should you wish your estate to loan any amount of money to any person following your passing

  • The administration of Estates, collecting assets and distributing assets according to the terms of a Will or where there is no Will, distributing assets in accordance with the rules of Intestacy

  • Advising trustees of their duties and powers

  • Acting for your as your executor and trustee

  • Challenging Wills on the basis of lack of legal capacity, undue influence or fraud

  • Making a claim pursuant to the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act for a share or increased share of an Estate

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